June 02, 2011

..series of best wishes

This is like the 4th post for today. But nevermind. I'll keep on posting.

  • Though I have no idea what jukken means but, best of luck there epu. :)
  • Dear asrar, keep holding on. I know you are thissssssssssss strong *hugs*
  • Raihan my dear roommate, yeah today is gloomy. But I know tomorrow will be brighter
  • Good luck with your exams dear noni :)
  • Best wishes for dear cousins Kak Su and Kak Dila. Selamat pengantin baru :) 
  • Er, sila cepat bertemu jodoh dear cousin yang dah tua tapi perasan muda jika anda tidak mahu digelar bujang terlajak. Ngeh3 ^^
p/s: Please stop makcik. I'm sick of it. Leave me alone, please :)

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. @enyheartsdiamond

    oh eny. ada ada. here, "always fly as graceful as a butterfly, and do stings like a bee!" :)


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