October 09, 2011

..Stress activities

The stressing and tiring posting just ended. Now comes the more stressing and more tiring posting ahead. Yarhh. But I know somehow I will enjoy this one so much. (smirking)

After dah habis viva on wednesday, bermulalah segala aktiviti mereleasekan stress. Rabu malam just stay at Nilai anddd makan tidor andd watched Running Man. You guys should add Running Man in the list if you are serious in finding activities to release stress.

And then on Thursday, off we went to Mid. I did the best hang out things ever done with a bestfriend, ngee. Window shopping (wajib) and makan and makan and makan. 3 kali kitorang makan ok. Tak taulah mana pergi semua makanan tu tapi yang pasti kitorang spent most of our money on food. Firstly makan makanan korea at Ko Hyang Restaurant yang dijamin halal then pegi Carls Jr and theeenn pegi Freshfromfarm (kot) for dinner. Selain berwindow shopping dan makan, kitorang sebenarnya sedang berlatih untuk menghadapi hari hari ward round yang digembar gemburkan sangat memenatkan itu.

Hari Jumaat aktiviti biasa, went to campus for things that need some attentions and theen hari sabtu pindah. Aku dapat posting kat Terendak for the first rotation so everything was a haywire jugakla since mama babah will be going for Hajj this October. Semua plan kena bubar and ubah anddd I was severely depressed by that time. Rasa cam nak sepak and gigit diri sendiri pon ada. Haish. After dah check in rumah baruu rasa cam nak gigit tuan rumah plak. Rumah kotor yang amat and no penyapu and mop disediakan. Tak taulah if bendalah tu takde dalam kontrak sewaan dorang ke ape but since I will be going to Terendak this friday so I dont think I want to spend money buying all those things to clean up. Sooo we went to The Residence.

There goes another stress releasing activity. Memang syokk habiss layan TV. Bagaikan semut mendapat gula. Tak tido pon takpe asalkan leh layan disney and star movie. Then makan makan makan. I think by the end of this month I am no different with a baby elephant. =.= why baby? Because of the height =.=

And tomorrow. What will happen tomorrow? Pray that I survive throughout this Internal Medicine posting peeps. I am seriously in need of your prayers. Jebal.

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