October 24, 2011

..atypical monday

"Atypical presentation and atypical symptoms in not so typical patient"

"Look for the jagung, not the bulu"

-quoted from datuk-

"Ok I'm putting some pressure on you fatin, so you will think"

"what are the investigations?"

"more more more fatin!!"

-quoted from Left. Kol. Dr. Ali-

Learn fatin learn.

Ps: thanks for d video epu. Aku baru dang tengok sampai habis arini. Haha.

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Location:Masjid Tanah,Malaysia


  1. teh r skali wat gtu kat dnung, pakat r ngan ambulans. :p

  2. @en.sarip

    Haha. Xleh r. Ambulans kena guard ngn army. :p

  3. pakat r ngan army skali gtu gak.. :p


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