November 11, 2011

Safari. Type facebook. Log in. Home. 6 event invitations. Undangan ke majlis perkahwinan bla bla bla. Close window facebook. Termenung.

6 lagi dah kahwin. Sigh. =.=". Jelous. Oh. Tarikh harini cantik. Sigh lagi.

11/11/11. Second death that I need to face for this posting. Though I'm not the doctor who treated him, and not the doctor who supervised him, just a medical student who was once been scolded by him, but I felt like crying when I saw the wife's expression when she looked at me. Those teary red eyes, I will remember it for the rest of my life. Septic shock, I'm gonna nail you in my brain forever.

I wish I am feelingLess. So its easier to face death. So I'm not emotionally involved with the family of the patients. So I can go to the hospital without any fear. Hurr. *kepala dalam bantal*

Never thought it will be this depressing.

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