November 09, 2011

..the doctor

Skarang aku faham kenapa patient lagi suka jumpa dokter yang maybe kurang hebat tapi lebih banyak dengar compared to doctor who can tell the diagnosis by just staring at the patient but she never listens!! Sometimes patient needs someone to talk to instead of someone who shut the hell out of her when she's talking. Duh. I hate that kind of doctor. Haih.

Rasa macam nak jerit kuat kuat kuat ' where on earth are you? I need you nowwww ' . Tapi macamla dia dengar kan? And most importantly I dont think that person cares pon. I'm soo pathetic.

Lay low afi lay low. Bronchus, please get well soon. This steroid is pumping my body. I'll gain more weight if I keep on taking this thing, seriously. And heart, please pump well. I heart u the most. Let me see my patients tomorrow. Jebal..

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