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..the movies.

Its ok, I'll be fine. Tak mati pon kalau tak pernah masuk cinema. Yes believe me I've never been in a cinema my entire life. Bukan nak tunjuk baik ke apa, but its just me. Ada yang cakap "its not a sin pon masuk cinema, just tengok movie. Pasal orang berkhalwat tu biarlah dorang, asalkan bukan kite yang buat dahlah" Hmm. Tapi kalau dah tau ada potensi orang bermaksiat kat situ kenapa tak elakkan? I'm just saying. No hard feelings, please. Ada jugak cakap, "apa apa pon bergantung pada niat. Kalau niat nak release stress, tengok cite katun je so it should be ok. Islam itu mudah". But still, there are thousands, no zillions of things I can do to relesse stress so why do I still have to choose cinema?

You guys may be right, but there still chances that you are wrong. I came from a place that has no cinema. So I guess I am used to the absence. It may be true that its not haram but for me, if I still can avoid it then, I will try my best to avoid it. Banyak lagi alternatif lain yang mudah dan jimat contohnya dengan mendownload movies kat internet. Yeah the sound system may not be as super cool as in that place but believe me, its way easier to watch movies from your lappy if you have small bladder. Sekejap sekejap pegi toilet. Kalau pakai lappy bolehlah jugak tekan pause tapi kalau tengok kat cinema, terlepaslah scene scene yang mungkin penting untuk memahami kronologi sesebuah cerita.

Besides, banyak lagi cara lain yang aku boleh buat ntuk release stress contohnya dengan kerja mengedit and designing things like posters, banners and so on. I am addicted with editing stuffs you know. Especially when it comes to something that I can print out. Uuh the feelings when you touch the arts are amazing. Seriously addicted. Tak dapat keluar rumah mata makin rosak spek makin tebal pon takpelah asalkan boleh mengedit banyak banyak.

Mama babah selalu pesan, jaga diri, jangan terpengaruh. Aku sedang coba. Walaupun banyak benda yang aku gagal pertahankan at least this one, biarlah aku cuba dan cuba dan cuba. Jangan tanya, jangan berhujah jangan risau dengan prinsip aku yang satu ini. I am proud to say I am not as alienn as you think I am dengan hanya tak masuk cinema and bajet suci. Please. Respect my decision, jangan main tarik tali. I know what I know and I know what I'm doing.

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  1. Salam buat semua stylo ladies di sini! :)

    Koleksi yg menarik & stylo serta tips2 berguna.

    Kunjungi kami di

    TQVM! :)

  2. Good... Keep it up... Jangan mudah terpengaruh... :)


  3. Minum milo anda akan jd sihat dan kuat! Haha :D


  4. @Anonymous

    Haha. Baikkk! Da blh jd promoter milo ni :D


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