November 25, 2011

..oh BMJ

Sangat frust dengan bendalah BMJ ni. Haissshhhh. I did register at campus, using CUCMS ip address but why on earthhh do I still have to pay to subscribe this thingggg. Tak paham tak paham. Buta buta buta IT. Sobs.

Nevermind. Next week is clinical exam. Long case. And my examiner is a neurologist. Ah sudah. In the past, he was the one who treated my migrain and recently I acknowledge him as a father of my friend and now he is the person who is going to pass me or fail me in this i-hope-i-get-a-good-case exam. Sobs. Kena solat hajat bagi lembut hati generous markah ni. Harap harap berkat kesamaan nama beliau dengan nama babah maka beliau akan go easy on me. Sobs.

Oh ye. Nak melepaskan geram kat seorang House Officer ward 4. I dont know why he is acting so damn cocky. Mungkin sebab dia fikir dia dah jadi dokter (walaupun HO je) so we all need to respect him as he is a senior specialist kat situ. Common la weh, you still in the phase of learning so am I. Can we just help each other instead of bringing each other down? Oh no. Let me rephrase. Can we just help each other instead of YOU trying hard to BRING US DOWN? haih. And gentle reminder from a JUNIOR, dont act GOD. Patient will hate you for that. Seriously. Ohh I really need to train myself to not take things that happen at the hospital personally. Just be as feelingLess as possible. I can do this, yes I can!

As for you, I am truly sorry. Rasa bersalah tapi I have to be professional. Facebook is like my 'social history' and you are my 'history of presenting complain'. I cant mix them both because I need to focus. Both are two different things and I just cannot let you cross the line I've made. Plus, I have to follow the ethics or else, my 'marks' will be cut down to earth. :)

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