November 06, 2011


Jalan jem. It took me about 7 hours from KL to home. Sepatutnya 3 jam jadik lebih kurang 7 jam. Nice kan? Haih..

Rumah agak tak organize and messy. I think there is something wrong with the electric circuit. Heater tak jalan. Gate pon down. Semua da jadi manual. I just hope that nothing severe will happen. My beloved personal electrical engineer aka mr know it all pleaseeee come home early. No, time pleasee move faster so I can hug him tightly. Sobs. Rinduuu. Masuk kete babah je I smell his scent. Rasa nak peluk peluk sit driver tu tapi takut orang nampak and aku end up kat hospital bahagia. Sobss.

All in all, I am soooo glad cos I got to do what I need to do. Rasa hidup ini lebih bermakna. I feeelll good.

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