November 14, 2011


I am an alien. Its hard to please me. Accept me or lose me. I mean it.

Sorry to say but I hate people who expect others to treat him or her well but in turn, he or she treats people like they are just another piece of meat.

What's so good about you that you think you have the right to do so? Is it because you feel so powerful that every human being need to do as you say? Is it because you think that others keep listening to you so they are sooo damn weak and you have the urge and power to do what you did?

Poor you. I think your meninges had been infected with deadly horror virus that's why your brain deteriorating and cannot function well anymore. I pray you wont die tomorrow. I hope you at least have the opportunity to apologize. I hope you live long enough to repent your sins.

I'm so mad I feel like bombing a car.

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