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..Thats about it. Again.

First day of november was filled with constellations of funny things. I tripped off the stairs last night (31th oct) and I wasnt able to sleep till 1 am in the morning cos of the throbbing pain that came from my sprained wrist. It was painful yes it was. Ok, fine. Maybe I overreacted. There were mild, no, moderate abrasion resulting from the me-tripping-off-the-stairs incident. Hell yeah there were blood oozing out from the wound and not to mention my heart bleeds too because it was embarrassing. My male colleague witnessed the whole accident tapi nasib baiklah dia budak kecik so I am not that hummiliated pon. But still, mannnn. Thats quitee embarassing. Jatuh saham aku uuh.

Today also I got the honour to teach a patient the right method of using inhaler during ward round. Penat lungs kesian lungs. So tonight my lungs really need a lot of rest that's why I'm doing this. Dah lama tak tulis surat cinta kat kekasih oh my belog. Dan berbalik pada isu ajar patient the right technic of using inhaler, aku rasa aku dah teroverdose salbutamol tu. Nasib baik tak dapat salbutamol toxification. Haih. And the side effects were, the whole afternoon tu tremor and palpitation je memanjang. Agak mengganggu perjalanan hidup sebagai seorang yang berpura pura sibuk. =.="

After ward round, we had our mid posting exam. As I was not preparing for the exam langsung so faham faham jelah apa outcome nye. Waktu discussion asik gelak sorang sorang. But honestly I like clinic years exam more than pre-clinic. Kenape? Kerana everyone got to argue on their answers. So am I. Walaupun ada certain answers tu memang tak masuk akal but at least when we stated our reason of answering that particular answer for that particular question, the specialist listened and corrected us. So inilah masanya specialist tu dapat tau teori mana yang berlubang kat students ni. And from the exam itself, I admit that there still a lot more that I need to improve. Sobs. Seriously I need to read more and more and more. Susah betul nak recall balik ilmu dulu dulu. Haih.

Then, went to Outpatient department but found out that there were not so many patients there so bolehlah berehat for half an hour. And after that, I continued my day with interactive lecture from Dr Tajmul and did my presentation. Seriously waktu presentation tu I had coarse tremor. Ntah ape la yang nak kena nervous sangat. Waktu present case takdelah nervous macam tadi oh god serious tak faham. Maybe sebab hati dah tau yang aku punya input tu tak banyak, and the slides were lacking much of important infos so I had the nervous brokedown. Hehu. Sumpah pasni taknak ulang perangai lama. I will prepare myself dengan baju besi sebelum pergi berperang. Huu.

Then went to see echo kat bilik panggung wayang and sekali lagi rasa diri sangat bodoh sebab tak tau sangat pasal bendalah tu. Tak faham benda apa yang macam anak tikus gerak gerak kat screen and tak faham macam mana nak measure thickness of this and that. Tak faham oh takkkk fahaaaammmm. T_T.

Hati baik: its ok. U still have time. Go home and study
Hat busuk: haha. Loser. Toxo!
Hati baik: takpe takpe. Even the specialists need taiko to teach them
Hati busuk: major loser. Quit medicineee jelaa!

Contoh monolog hati baik dan hati jahat yang gila. Haih. After witnessing the echo, there was bedsite teaching conducted by this cool dr. I seriously in love with his character. He's so cool indeed he is. And yeah. I really need a lot of practise on cranial nerve exam. Esok siaplah semua patient aku akan praktikkan ilmu ni. Muahahaha. Sape yang tak bagi kerjasama bagi venepuncture. Or maybe ABG. I am in need of specimens to do venepuncture n ABG pon ni. Kejam tak kejam tak? Mueheheh.

And waktu maghrib tadi I realized something. That makcik might be right. I need to try. Mungkin doa mama babah kat mekah dah dimakbulkan. Maybe I am right this time. There is also risk that I am wrong but I still think that I am right. Ahh right wrong right wrong. Ape ape jelah.

And I ended today with dinner at kedai ape ntah dengan kue tiaw basah yang mengandungi bendasing, disyaki najis seekor binatang yang berpotensi membawa penyakit dan simptom simptom seperti pening, muntah, dan kuninnngg. Gila geli. Sumpah taknak pegi kedai tu dah. Muntah laju laju. Euwww.

Ok dah panjang surat cinta ni. Bye.

Notakemejakotakkotak: nak makan kek. Happy birthday.

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