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..i'll do just that

Today went to alamanda. Again. Where else can I go besides Alamanda right? Heheh. Went there with awaa but then she met her love kat sana and I thought it would be nice if I just let her with him. I myself need my afi time. Besides, we went there to release stress and my way of releasing stress was by window shopping or maybe a lil bit of shopping but she had her own way so.... why do I have to bother..... right? ... I hope I did the right thing.

My method of releasing stress today adalah dengan bershopping and terus pakai baju baru after dah bayar. Nice tak? Pegi pakai baju lain, balik pakai baju lain. Wekekeke. I just hope all the stress went away with the baju. Aku takdelah nak buang baju tu pon but at least macam meninggalkan stress kat kedai gitu. I know I sound very alienn right now but that just me. Accept me or lose me, I told you kan? Ngehheheh.

Nice thing happened back then at Parkson was, there was a makcik yang duk pilih accessories. She was at my mom's age. At first she addressed herself as akak but then after I said that I am 21 she was suprised and terus tuka jadi makcik. Err. Do I look wayy older now? I suppose its a good thing that she thought that I am older than my real age. Makcik tu sorta asked for my opinion about a bracelet and I did give my opinion. Aku cakap yang dia pilih tu cantik and I also showed her a bracelet that I thought was beautiful. At last dia beli jugak yang aku cakap cantik tu. Heheh. Rasa diri dihargai kejap apabila opinion diterima orang asing.

And bad thing happened was waktu aku duk try baju kat fitting room and satu button baju tu tertanggal. Terkedu seketika. Ahhh. Tapi aku memang sure habis button baju tu memang tak kuat or memang dah hampir tertanggal pon sebelum aku try. So dengan beraninya pergi letak balik baju tu kat tempat asal. But then tak dapat tahan rasa bersalah and bagitau promoter tu and she said button tu memang longgar. Phewww. I am LUCKY.

Hmm. What else eh? Ooh yes. I envy her. Haih.

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