January 14, 2012

..just, a long long long brag.

I'm amazed of how immature you are. That's just ... Unacceptable for a person ur age to do something I consider as STUPID as that. Hurr.

Just came back from manjung. They said I look tanner now. I should have brought along a sunblock but yeah... She's afi.. She never owns a sunblock. And oh, she never put on those scary-like-hell facial masks pon. Orang kata kulit muka kena jaga waktu muda cos of the collagen bla..bla..bla.. But y..e..a..h. She's afi. She never cares. Hurr. Whats wrong with this afi actually? They say I look fat and seems like the cholesterol is building up in my body and I need to do more exercise but y..e..a..h she's afi. She is not really into exercising. Hurr. What's wrong with her wey? And what I hate most is, they ask me why do I have a ring on my finger when I don't even have a man I'm attached with? What exactly wrong with this woman?

Here let me tell you what is really wrong with afi. I don't care if I am tanner cos somehow I also want to try to look different by tanning my skin. Dengki ke ape? And this afi you talked about has NO BIG BUCKS like you all do to buy those cosmetic products. I rather spend my penny on food rather than all those liquids or creams for my face. Plus, sunblock doesnt work on me, did you know that? Dont just be a mere commentor when you know nothing about me erghh. And how do you tell that I have high cholesterol level by just looking at my body figure? If you really have that superPOWER come join me at the hospital. The lab people will love you dan sila guna power kamu untuk semorang, boleh jimat duit kerajaan. And yeah, I don't need a man to put on a ring am I? My Glascow Coma score is 15, I'm orientated to time place and people which enable me to put it on my own, I have no allergy to gold plus I have a nice finger and gorgeous ring why bother about man then? When you have the access to do something and it is not illegal then just do it. Dont think of those unnessecary things. Life is complicated, you dont have to further strangulate it.

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  1. Xpe... Don't worry... u r just normal as other human being... :)

    Drpd guna sunblock or facial mask, better basahkan muka dengan air wudhu'.

    Do what ever that please you. We don't live to please others... Plus it SUCKs...

    Go Afi! :)


    1. Hehe. Am doing watever tht please me pon ni :P


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