January 02, 2012

..the new year

Yeah it’s new year and I am not so proud to admit that I’m going to be 22 this year. Y..ee…aa..yy! *Smirking*. Well I spent most of my 1.1.2012 in my room watching great movies and doing some sort of thinking of new strategies to enhance my grade. At least for this semester. Hmm.

Why am I not so excited about new year? Well I guess it’s because I feel OLD and yeah … OLD. New year means makin dekat dengan mati, makin banyak tanggungjawab and most of all, makin dekat dengan graduation day which means, makin bertambah tambah tambah tanggungjawab. Oh life is full of responsibilities. That’s what I don’t really feel like celebrating new year. My brain won’t stop thinking of things I feel like my skull is cracking and the neurons are bursting. Hyperbola much? That’s me.

Of all the things that I don’t like about new year, there’s one thing I fear most. Oh Allah, I know I sound really selfish but please, let me die before my parents do. Seriously. They are great people, You should let them live longer. That’s my new year wish. Grant it please. 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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