February 04, 2012

..Random ramble of the day!

Something is going on at campus today but I have no idea what it is. People who dressed very properly keep going in and out and that distracts me a bit. Ohh by the way, there is a garden inside CUCMS now. Not that greenly garden but its called a garden. Cantik. Lots of information about our college are pasted there. To CUCMSians, silalah merajinkan diri balik ke kampus barang sesekali ye. Heheh.

When I am at campus my brain works a lil bit harder than when I am in my room. I got to finish watching couple of EDUCATIONAL *I'm trying hard to emphasis the word educational ok* videos for long case exam and did some notes but being all alone here make it soooooo damn bored. I talked to the wall. Yes I did, few seconds ago. Bosanlah!

And the fact that I'm stuck here all alone, I kinda miss my bestfriends. Only now I have the guts to admit that they are my bestfriends. Sebelum ni bukannye tak berani tapi my past make me sick of the word bestfriend. But they just healed all of the sick-ness and make me believe that there still friends that I can consider BEST. My definition of a bestfriend is that I know her inside out, sometimes they annoy me and sometimes I annoy them. Their weaknesses bother me much and my weaknesses are problems to them but still, when we are apart we miss each other like hell. That's what I call bestfriend.

Miss Nimah Nom Nom walaupun baru je jumpa beliau haritu sebelum pergi melaka. Kitorang sempat keluar lunch together at Giant Nilai. Miss Ezatul so much. The last time we met after like 5 years of online chatting sahaja sebagai sumber komunikasi selepas SPM is early last year if I'm not mistaken. Dah sangat lama. Haih.Tried to contact them and meet up but our schedules are wayyy to different. Bila aku posting kat sini or balik cyber diorang cuti and balik kampung. So tell me how are we going to reunite??? Don't blame me or my college but please blame your university for that very longgggg unnecessary break. Erk. And most of all, miss Saleha Saleh dearly. Sobs. Bilakah kita akan bersatu semula wahai cheaaaaaaaa??! Sobs lagi.

Now I'm contemplating to go to Alamanda for lunch. Cyber foods did not satisfy my needs anymore. I feel like I'm eating computer nano chips each time I have my meal in this territory. =..=

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


♥..Drop it..♥