March 17, 2012

..17 March

Teringin nak pegi pantai malam malam ni. It would be so nice if I can go there now. The weather is good, I can see stars from my room. Heheh.

Minggu ni lain macam untuk aku. Ujian Dia kasi kat aku lainnn macammm sangat. Now I know why. Dia nak aku pupuk perasaan sabar tu lebih lebih. My life could be harder starting from now onwards and I have to be fully prepared. Frankly, I'm in a new phase of journey called life already.

Mom just told me something that could change my life forever. And me, used to be trained to over estimate things think that this won't be easy. Now I need to ask Him cos He, knows everything. Oo Allah, You know best. Please anwer my prayers. Aku buntu.

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  1. wuiyoo... Pangkor.. sepanjang posting kt sana aku xpernah jejak pun... haha



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