March 20, 2012

..tak keruan

I'm going to present my laasstt TBL for this posting tomorrow. And I hope it will end smoothly. Please ya Allah please. 

Harini aku sangaaaaaatttt tak keruan. Donno why. Sobs. Ok tipu. I know exactly whyyy.

I WAS not clear about it before but you give me a concrete reason which require me to make it as clear as possible, at least for myself. I now know that I need something so bad, sooooo baad that I could possibly suffer a lot in my entire life if I lose it. But its hard. I need a lot of strength to go for it. This I promise myself. I won't give up. I'll strive for it no matter how torn I'll be in the end of this journey.

P/s: Ftn likes the way you put things up. Itupun if you really involve in the whole thing lah. I have lots of question marks in my head. Help me clear things out pls?

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