March 08, 2012

..Tanpa kamu ku lemah.

Thanks to you who treated your dad like that, I miss my babah so much today. Sampai rumah dah pukul 12 lebih so tak mungkinlah nak kol babah malam malam ni. I miss mama too. I miss talking to her. Miss them both too much. So much.

I am close to both of them. Mama does most of the talkings. All the nasihat and curahan perasaan goes to mama. She is the best listener ever. And babah, he is full with actions. All the things he did indicate how much he loves me. All the things that I never thought he would do but he did it just for me. Juust for mee. I miss the times when we were on the phone and he asked "how's my angel today?". His love for me is divine. I don't think I would find a guy who will love me as much as he does.

Tak mungkin akan ada orang yang lagi awesome dari babah ngan mama dalam dunia ni. Tak mungkin. NEVER. And to you bakal suami, sorilah you will be no 2 in list of my super awesome hero.

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  1. no2 ke no brape pun, bila dah jd isteri org, cik afi kena turut kehendak dia lbih dr abah cik afi tau. gud luck lam cr teman. mane asif ke sape yg slalu komen dlu tu? kui2

    1. Asip? Blogger tu? Ntahla. Eh jgn2 ni asip tak? Saje je bg komen cmtu :p

      Ye betul tu. kena ikt ckp dia but still dlm list of 'awesome superhero' my dad will forever be the first. :p


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