April 04, 2012

..yes I'm back

Its been so long since my last post. Kan? Heheh. Busy? Kind of. Busy melayan kerenah and busy attend majlis kahwin dan kahwin. :)

What life taught me for this whole week is, if you are sincere enough, insyaAllah He will always help you. Walaupun ur inner self told you this is too much for you to take, better give up cause you have lots lots lots of things ahead but if you are sincere enough to do it for the sake of friendship than I promise you He will always, always be there to ease ur way.

And here I am. Alhamdullilah. I survived that critical period. And I'm glad that I choose to do it. This friendship I tell you, is precious than any other things itu. I want to nurture this so that this friendship will last forever. We've been thru a lot. Laughs, joys, tears, sadness. We've been thru it all. And we're still here. I'm proud of us. Yes I do.

My friend, Uhibbuki fillah :)

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