June 10, 2012

.. 1st post from new house ngee :)

My eating habit seems to be out of norm these days. I kept skipping breakfast and lunch .... as well as dinner. Bukan sebab diet tapi sebab letih so takde selera. And the result was me eating fried noodle, or maggi or whatever heavy meals at 12 am. *Is 12 am considered supper?* Ha. Way to go afi way to go. Peningla weighing scale tu nanti.

I'm loving our house now. Sejuk. Walaupun jiran atas tengah jerit jerit gaya tengok bola or memang tengah tengok Bola but that doesn't bother me much. I'm appreciating the smell of the rain and cold breeze coming thru the windows and the sounds of cars and kids running here and there. Just like home. I like this feeling.

Mama babah macam bimbang dengan keadaan aku skarang. Mom kept saying "Giveurself chance, give them chance. U have to change or u'll be alone forever. There are boundaries I know, but u too have to make effort. It takes two to whisper quietly. Ok love?" Hurrr. I am really sorry that I am being so old fashioned mom dad... Its just, that is my fairytale all about. Kakak dah install software tu dalam otak kakak since I was 12, or literally since u guys registered me to that school. Hurrr. I need time and guidance to be like what u guys adviced me to be. I need time to make myself understand that a fairytale is just a fairytale and real world dont fit in it, hurrr.

Above all, I love this house. :)

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  1. :) smile miss afi.
    May Allah make things easier for u dear. :)


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