June 22, 2012

.. dah tua.

I spare some of my time reading the posts I wrote previously. I think I've grown up. Cos most of them made me laugh. :)

I am growing up. I have been doing things I never did in my whole life lately. With guidance of course. Though there are flaws here and there but I'm learning. I love you mom. Thanks for always be with me and be my teacher though I am a bit too old for all this. :)

Today was awesome. Dapat polish cooking skills yang dah rusty. Aku rasa aku perlu lengkapkan dapur rumah putra dengan segera. So that dapur tu boleh berasap and cooking skills aku tak berkarat karat.

Durian. Durian. Durian.

mereka kata dan mama kata: if you hold back ur feelings because u afraid of getting hurt, u'll end up hurting anyway.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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