June 20, 2012

..I will never let you go.. lalaala

I'm in holiday mode. So got plenty of time to write and do things I want to do with this blog. It's really good to be home. Rasa macam dah lamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sesangat aku tak balik rumah. God I love home! ^^ But still rasa nak pergi vacation cuma have no idea where to go and most importantly I got no MONEY. Zero zero.

Personally I really adore my mom. She is super awesome. Superwoman I must say. I'm not saying this because she is my mom but because I think she deserves the Superwoman tittle. Things that are impossible for me are absolutely possible for her, and there are things that I failed miserably but she managed to do it all alone. How cool is that? Hurr. I hope I got at least 50% of that Superwoman genetic. Seriously I'm praying hard for that trait.

Esok kami bakal ditinggalkan ibu bapa kerana ibu bapa akan ke Kuala Lumpur atas urusan pekerjaan. Weheheh. Habislah kamuorang adik adik. Akanku membuli kalian. MUAHAHA.

Oh well, I'm going to enter 4th year this August. Please pray that I can make it. No failing papers, no repeating years. Please, do pray for me. hehe.

And that song keeps replaying in my mind rite now. I will be. I will. lalalalalalalalalalala.

 Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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