June 20, 2012

..that thought

I was wandering around, exercise lah kononnya after mengemas bilik. Tetiba one of my friends yang bakal kahwin called. Diorang pergi hospital for thalassemia screening and shockingly both of them are carrier. Aku terkedu, tergamam and tak tahu nak cakap apa instead of "Berserah pada Allah. Doa, tawakkal."

Allahuakbar. Besarnya dugaan mu ya Allah. Kalau aku kat tempat beliau aku sendiri pon tak kan tahu apa yang patut aku buat. I know the risk, I know the prognosis and I learnt almost everything about that thalassemia thing. But in the end, I wasn't the one who was comforting her. Cos I know! I wish I don't know so that its easier to say "everything will be just fine". Hurr. Never thought that it will happen to one of my friends. Sahabat, silalah bersabar dan banyakkan doa. And we all will pray hard for you. I really hope she wont accidentally found my blog and read this entry.

Then aku teringat kat sorang patient B Thalassemia Major waktu aku posting paediatrics kat Manjung. He was 16 years old, admitted for blood transfusion. This patient had splenectomy already and his sugar level was suprisingly high. He was severely jaundice I must say and that was not a good sign. His ambition is to be a scientist. Both his brothers passed away at the age of 18. It was heartbreaking you know, and it was challenging to display a normal facial expression upon hearing all those history from him. But what to do. That is life. Haih.

I once said that I want to do thalassemia screening even before I fell in love. But seriously, that is almost impossible. Because you don't plan to fall in love, you just feel it without you knowing that you are feeling it. Got it? haih.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


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    1. anis? insyaAllah sy sebut nama anis zakaria. :))
      Be strong dear, :)

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    1. I will insyaAllah. Dont worry too much k, :)


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