July 29, 2012


Semalam waktu iftar aku pau air coconut shake Farah and Nina. Later did I noticed that the coconut shake contained soda. So that was how soda tasted like. I never had soda before. After a while I started to feel nauseated and my world seems to spin around. At first , I thought that something was wrong with the chocolate milk I drank beforehand cos the two of them who drank exactly the same thing were fine, perfectly fine but then when Nina said her mother and her brother would get the same reaction then I knew I am one of them. Agaknye macam tu ke rasa orang mabuk?

On the way pergi masjid Putra my head was really killing me. Throbbing headache. With all the lights that irritated my eyes, hm. Dalam hati berdoa agar tak eksiden, tu je. Bacaan solat pon banyak tersasar. Patutlah Allah tak kasi orang mabuk bersolat. Tapi aku bukan mabuk arak, aku mabuk soda! 

Balik rumah cuba tidur but epic fail. When I got this headache my hearing ability becomes very sharp. Slightest noise could be very disturbing. And oddly, there were tons of ambulances passing by our house last night. I felt like my head was about to crack. Sobs. Was up till 2 something then waktu sahur I felt lot better. 

What is it in soda that makes me mabuk like that eh? I did some research with the help of google then I found this. Allah. Apa aku minum semalam tu? Sobs. 

Cream soda contains the most alcohol (8.7%) among other drinks. Yiekss. Aku tak tahulah soda jenis apa yang orang kat bazaar tu letak dalam coconut shake dorang tapi sebab tak tahulah benda tu jadi shubhah. Plus fatwa yang aku jumpa tu cakap cream soda secara general so I take that as all cream soda from which ever brand contains the same amount of alcohol. Allah. 

So moral of the story, berhati hati dalam membeli coconut shake. Kerana sesungguhnya coconut shake pon berpotensi membuatkan anda mabuk. Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


♥..Drop it..♥