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..what third year has taught me

Bertangguh, procrastination dan sewaktu dengannya. Aku mengaku dulu aku adalah manusia yang suka bertangguh. Lagi lagi bab bab pelajaran dan kerja. Waktu pre-clinical kitorang akan ada weekly assessment whereby every Friday akan ada exam which contribute to continuous assessment marks. Weekly assessment ni ada negative marking so you really don't want to mess up or else the total mark will be deduced. Being me, a suka-bertangguh-buat-kerja student, aku selalu simpan benda yang aku tak faham or kurang pasti yang aku belajar hari isnin, selasa, rabu tu. Khamis was the day yang aku akan stuffkan everything masuk dalam otak dan of course manusia biasa pasti akan stress dengan cara pembelajaran ini. Aku manusia biasa so aku adalah selalu stress. Friday morning muka macam cadaver, mata macam panda dan mood macam perempuan hampir menopause pon masuklah ke dewan exam. That cyclic event happened for almost every week for 2 years. That was why I am not so proud with my pre-clinical achievement. 

During clinical year, I learnt to be more effective and more efficient. Memang susah nak ubah tabiat buruk tu but I have to so that I can spare some time to do other things like blogging *ehem* and stuffs. First posting for clinical year was community medicine. This posting I tell you, memang sangat mengajar erti SILA JANGAN BERTANGGUH. Or else I would drown in the sea of reports and will have no time to sleep pon.  This posting really taught me that I should never procrastinate and manage my time well. Kena betul betul disiplin supaya aku still ada masa untuk rehat dan jeling jeling belog.

And the postings yang terlibat di hospital pon sama. Aku belajar untuk jadi lebih cekap dan tangkas. Otak selalu kena fikir what should I do today, what is my plan for today, what is my goal for today,  and when is the dateline for everything. Kalau tak betul betul plan, logbook akan kosong dan markah akan sangaaaaat hampeh for case write up. 

During third year also, I learnt to be a good learner in class. Kalau dulu aku selalu main main waktu lecture, selalu mengantuk dan selalu tak fokus but this time around semua deria jadi alert. Mata rasa segan nak ngantuk, telinga jadi cekap and tangan jadi penat. I have no time to revise dah kalau tak bagi attention waktu kelas. Susah sangat nak cari masa untuk revise cos aku suka tidur bila duk kat bilik. And bila sampai hospital aku suka menempek kat katil patient or just duduk dalam bilik seminar sambil isi log book, or baca blogs, or  main game. 

Skarang, masa adalah sangaaaat penting bagi aku. Every second is very precious for me. Kalau ada something that I need to do I will try my best to do it that instant. Takpayah nak bertangguh tangguh cos I donno what awaits me ahead. Jadual kerja dan jadual kelas for clinical years are never fixed and never will be. Kadang kadang kena travel from melaka to serdang for a class that second jugak. Sebab tu aku biasakan diri aku dengan 'just do what I need to do if I have time to do it and never procrastinate'

Sometimes people get very uncomfortable with me being this way and some of them get annoyed too. They used to say 'why do it now, you can always do it later. You still have lots of time from the dateline'. But I don't blame them cos they are not in my shoes. I just wish that they would understand how every second and every tick tock is very very very crucial to me now. I wish they would understand how I need to plan my time well not because I want to but because I HAVE to. I just hope they will understand, if not now, later will do. 

So, that is what this third year has taught me.  Angah please take note. U'll get through this. ^^ Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


  1. same la kita..suka buat keje bertangguh.. ^^

  2. assalamualaikum..(: bakal doktor ye? **xpandai sgt nak speaking2 ni.. AHAHA..(: btw, sy xpnh lalui khidupan kat u.. lepasan matrik.. tgh tggu result upu.. pray for me..(: &, memng keje xbolh ditangguhkan.. same goes to me at matric..(: kelam-kabut jadinya bila exam..(: wish u all the best..(: P/S: panjang plak komennye.;)

    1. InsyaAllah doctor in the making, doakan ye. :)
      Oh tgh tunggu result. InsyaAllah ada rezki..
      All the best to u too dear! :)

  3. Good for you.
    Mcm nie I kena berubah jugak lah :D

    1. Marilah berubah ke arah kebaikan ececeh hehe :D

  4. you'll be okay, afi.

    suke nama afi :)



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