August 03, 2012

..3rd August 2012

Its 14th Ramadhan already. MasyaAllah, how time flies. We had gone through almost half of this blessed month and I didn’t khatam al-Quran as yet. I envy my colleagues who had fantastically in their round 2 of reciting the holy Quran. How do you guys manage to do that, seriously? Hm.

Yesterday was the registration day for first year students. One of them was the daughter of our beloved naqibah, Anisah. Watching them the juniors gathering at some places during orientation brings some joy to me personally. May Allah let us be the instruments of his mercy, InsyaAllah. And to add the joy of being a student of CUCMS who has severe SMS, (don’t ask me what SMS stands for, you don’t want to know trust me, cos its contagious!) our medical school has finally owns a luxurious hostel. Cantik amat! Juniors, sila hargai apa yang korang ada cos we didn’t have that privilege. We had to live in a non-healthy environment which is full of foreigners from different country and we were a cluster of vulnerable people there. Believe me, you got to believe me, that place may be the last place you consider living in nowadays. CUCMS finally hear us and it’s a good thing, yes it is.

Today we had sister talk session and the speaker was Dr Maisara Yusra. I was really tired to stay back (alasan si pemalas) but Syifaa and Feeyah were very persuasive so I was in. We discussed few things back then and what struck me most was this reminder she told us. “Rezeki yang benar benar rezeki kita ialah makanan yang habis dimakan, baju yang dipakai sehingga lusuh dan harta yang disedekahkan kepada orang lain”. A good reminder for me, for us.

And today also I was traumatized with the news from mama regarding our family members. Dua hamba Allah telah dijemput pergi semalam. Semoga Allah menempatkan mereka di kalangan orang orang yang beriman. Amiin.  I am hoping that my life will end within Ramadhan too. Cos in this month, "Pintu syurga dibuka dengan seluas luasnya dan pintu neraka ditutup serapat rapatnya" Allahuakbar. Sedekahkan al-Fatihah untuk mereka, please. :)

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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