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..Attitude and passion

The answer is attitude and passion, dik. You don't have to be a genius to become a doctor. And I don't think a genius can stand being in this medical field cos there are too much of 'misteri nusantara' and illogical facts. We even have a medical term for unexplained cause, idiopathic. Some lecturers used to tell us idiopathic stands for idiot + pathetic = idiopathic.Well, as far as I'm concerned geniuses tend to think a lot that was why they usually take up other courses which involve more thinking and logics. Medical students were taught how to think, trust me we had this session called "Thinking and Thought Skill" for like hours, just to make us think. Heheh. 

Good attitude. That is affective domain for CUCMS students. You have to have good attitude to be a doctor. Good attitude ni macam wajib. Ye, wajib. Good attitude bermaksud anda haruslah berdisiplin, bertanggungjawab, bersikap simpati, sabar dan lain lain. You have to portray the best side of you when you are in this field cos you know, we get involved in society a lot. So good attitude is a must so that we can gain the trust from others which is very crucial as a medical student. Kalau pesakit tak percayakan anda pelajar pelajar perubatan yang hanyalah PELAJAR bukannya DOKTOR pon lagi so how are you going to learn aite? Kena berusaha dapatkan kepercayaan tu barulah dapat buat kerja dengan baik. To gain trust from others, you have to have this thing called good attitude lah. Hm. 

You have to know that once you take up medicine, its like you live not only for yourself but for others. You have to help them no matter how hard your situation is. Patient is like your main concern apart from yourself. Kalau patient tiba tiba collapse waktu suapan pertama lunch hampir masuk ke mulut, you have to run to him. Even worse, sometimes you have to sacrifice your precious time with your family just because of other stranger called patient. So to make you guys able to stand that you have to have passion. Passion to care. That is why our college's motto is "Nurturing the PASSION to care". Passion is an important element to become a good doctor. Sometimes I get tired with my study too. Tipulah kalau tak pernah fikir nak quit medicine. Iman pon turun naik apatah lagi semangat belajar. But when you do something you are passionate of insyaAllah, perasaan penat tu tak diambil kisah sangat pon. Konsep dia sama macam orang suka tengok match bola. Penat ke, esok kerja ke, belum dinner ke, semua tu tak menjadi batu penghalang untuk mereka menonton perlawanan bola itu. Erk, faham ke? 

As for me, I had this thought when I was in secondary school. I observed some of the adults back then. I monitored their daily routines. They had this fixed schedule and I found that boring. Aku tertanya tanya, apa pulangan kepada kerja yang mereka buat tu? Ok, gaji. Tapi gaji tu untuk sapa? Kasi makan anak bini atau anak suami. And? That's it? So, apart from sedekah, zakat dan other amal kebajikan yang lain apa lagi yang diorang sumbangkan untuk agama, masyarakat dan negara? *ecece, aku tak terlibat dengan mana mana parti meraih undi ok*. So I thought I wanted to do something for others cos I don't want to live my life for only me, I want to do good to others too. Though babah was very very very disagree with me back then cos he loves me too much, and very protective as well but now I think he seems to understand and support every single thing I do. Dik, don't get me wrong, there are tons of other careers which do good to others too, I just don't think of them except medicine. That's all. Engineers, teachers, and even fishermen, they have their own function in society. 

So the key points here are, attitude and passion. If you have them both, welcome to CUCMS. Eh? Hehe. No lah, welcome to this field. And one more thing that you should always remember when you are getting involved with the patients, you have to do good to them, be gentle and be nice cos you are the one who choose to be a doctor and they don't have other choice other than being sick. Nail that in mind. 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


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