August 10, 2012

Me, whining.

And I think I slowly go insane ..

These past few days had been very tiring and hectic for all of us. With the research proposal thingies, presentations and presentations. Though I'm not the one who were presenting our proposal but I'm the one who prepared the slides and edit everything. Editing really fits me eh? Hu.

For this past few days I am having problems with my appetite and sleeping habit. Salah makan je muntah, makan banyak muntah, makan sikit pon muntah. And it is so hard to choose food that can turn on my taste buds. Dugaan betul.

My brain activity also is very very very hyperactive. Nak tidur adalah sangat susah, macam nak berperang dah lagaknye. Bersiap itu ini. I only managed to enter my deep sleep state after like hours of trying. Paling lama aku boleh lelap adalah 2 jam sahaja and mann that really drives me crazy. I'm a homo sapien who won't function properly when I don't get enough sleep and thaaatt really is troublesome. Hurr.

Please pray I can restore myself to normal state, sobs.

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