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Orthopedics and last days of Ramadhan!

Sorry for the explosion of emotion in previous entry. I was very homesick, devastated and .. kurang sabar back then. Hm. Well moving on, my very first clinical posting for this year is Orthopedics, and I can say that I will enjoy this posting so much by looking at this very first week. 

And that image, I got from pokcik gugel, as always. Our schedule was altered on the first day of posting. *grin*. Prof Khairuddin was being oh so very nice by rescheduling the slots on Friday to days before so that we can go back on Thursday! Yeay. Though our classes seems quite pack, starting at 8 am and ending at 7 pm but nahh. That never happened pon. The earliest class we had on this few days was yeah, at 8 am and most of it ended at 6 pm. An hour early and that one hour was very significant as that one hour determined my activity for the night, which was shockingly, tertidur dengan awalnye. Yeay to my biological clock and for the first time in this week, I slept for 6 hours. Ha, classes really exhaust my brain. Well done classes, well done.

And yesterday during class, we were told by our Pengajian Islam lecturer that he was going to the AqsaGaza mission to Gaza and all the slots for this week will be replaced by a seminar in which he is kind enough to prepare lunch for us that day. How cool is that? Awesome lah! Respect Associate Prof. Ustaz Hasanuddin to the max. Tak sempat pulak nak tanya whether he will be celebrating eid there ke tak. Gayanya macam iye. Semangat juang itu, Subhanallah. Aku harap aku akan dapat tempias semangat semangat Ustaz. Oh yes, Ustaz Hasanuddin is one of the people who are responsible in making CUCMS a unique medical school which offers Diploma of Alternative Medicine to the students. Ha. I am very proud of CUCMS and I did not regret any money babah spent on this college. In fact, I'm glad that I made the decision to enter this med school 3 years back. Alhamdulillah.

Taken from dean of faculty of medicine's facebook. Hehe. Ustaz Hasanuddin is the one who has kopiah on him, standing next to his wife who is wearing white hijab.

By having that Alternative Medicine course, they prove that doctors graduating from this medical school are doctors who believe in higher power (not everything is related to science), and not just empirical evidence semata mata, which is super awesome. Angan angan aku, future teaching hospital for this college will have collaboration between medical doctors and alternative medicine 'doctors' in order to give the best treatments for the patient. Indah sungguh. 

Today also, us the former people of subgroup B in Group 05 had our iftar together. And for the first time in few weeks, I ate lot more than I used to. Now I get it, bukan makanan yang menjadi masalahnye tapi keadaan sekeliling tu yang membantu. Aku hilang selera bila asyik makan sambil mengadap muka osmets sahaja haha. Sunyi mungkin? Oh homesick yes homesick. We had our gathering sambil borak borak tanya khabar masing masing berkenaan posting masing masing, pasal result GCP and stuffs. Our group dynamic, I hope it will sustain until we graduate. I just .. love this group. Banyak sangat susah senang yang kitorang hadapi sama sama. We were trained to work in groups, cos that is what we are going to do for the rest of our lives. Being a doctor, who works in a hospital with different hierarchy of people, we need to be trained to work in groups, and I guess our lecturers did train us well. Thank you Profs, Doctors and Teachers. Ok tu je, assalamualaikum 


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