August 30, 2012

Please Allah please. Sobs.

Reflected upon myself. I found myself struggling and drowning.

Lately aku banyak buat benda yang melanggar prinsip hidup aku. Haih. Afi, get a grip of yourself. Just .. know your boundaries. 

Allah, pleasee help me. You have the key to everything just tell me how to sort this matter out. Please. 

Susah bila jantung macam ni. Berdegup kencang, out of normal rhythm dengan sesuka hati. Jantung, please work synchronously with the brain. Please. Dan jantung, tolongggg belajar sabar. Yang indah tu perlukan kesabaran yang tinggggggggiii. Its not too late to save myself. I just need to be brave.

Please pray that I'll be courageous enough to do what I need to do. Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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