August 31, 2012


"Semua benda yang kita buat ada tujuan. Kalau takde tujuan, namanya sia sia." That was what mom said to me. Aku faham tujuan aku. Tapi kamu? Hm. Afi!!

I really need to stop myself from being involved in things that might hurt me, cut me so deep and turned my life upside down. I will be sitting for 2 professional exams next year so I really need to be extra careful in things I'm about to do.  EXTRA careful.

Maybe I need to sleep more. Please Allah, make me sleep more. This insomnia thing is driving me crazeeyy. 

p/s: if in any case u have something to tell me please, please tell me now cos u might have no chance to do it later. 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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