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Its been quite sometime, I know. 

Minggu lepas terpaksa bertungkus lumus menyiapkan segala kerja kerja 'pejabat' mahupun kerja rumah so that I can spend this weekend plus one day of holiday at home with all the family members + 1 extra adik. 

My aim untuk kepulangan kali ini of course, angah. To spend more time with angah, my younger sister. I know so well that I'll miss her so very much nanti. Though her size confuses people but hey, she's my little sister, and always be.  Disebabkan angah dah besar so we share stories yang orang besar share. Sometimes I adore the way she thinks. At times, she is the kakak and I'm the adik. Walaupun aku anak sulung but Allah has blesses me with kakak dan abang. Angah can turn out to be so understanding I feel like talking to a big sister and abam, he's so protective over me. So I guess I don't need a kakak or a abang cos I already have 2 in 1. Daebak bukan? 

Semalam aku tolong angah pilih spectacles cos mama dah give up haha. Angah can be very hard to please and 'cerewet'. Ampun angah. Tapi tahap kecerewetan and hard to please beliau adalah di bawah kawalan aku lagi, so we managed to at last, find her a brand new spectacles yang menepati citarasa beliau. Mula mula kitorang terfikir nak buat couple spect in which she will take the one with dark coloured frame and I'll take the pink colour one tapi bila fikir fikir balik, rabak la kocek babah nak membayor spect kami nanti. One by one sajelah hendaknya. 

Aku check power spect smalam and to my suprise my power reduces! Banyak pulak tu. Thank you Allah! Wheee. Sukeeee sangat. Babah dah pesan berkali kali suh aku tukar cos nanti aku kena drive jauh jauh so better change, tapi nanti nantilah. Biar urusan angah selesai then only aku boleh pau babah dengan sesuka hati.  *senyum jahat*

Semalam jugak aku jumpa kawan masa aku amek course engineering dulu. She doesn't change much tapi dia cakap 'fatinnn lainnnnnn sangattttt sekarang!' Hm. Lain macam mana tu? In positive ways lah hendaknye. Waktu borak borak dengan dia, she told me that one of our group members yang slalu study sama sama dah fly ke UK, dah nak habis blaja dah pon. Whoahhhh. I knew he'll do great. Tetibe terjeles. Kalaulah aku tak keluar dari course tu agak agak aku pon akan habis belajar tak lama lagi. Jeles dengan mereka mereka yang dah habis belajar, jeles dengan mereka mereka yang dah mencapai kemajuan dalam hidup sebab aku, still macam ni. huuuuuuuuu. Sediiiiih. Sobs.

Esok dah kena balik, pastu dah kena pergi terendak. Makin jauhlah aku dari mereka mereka dan mereka. I wish I could make it to KLIA pada tarikh itu. Kalau babah tak kasi aku drive macam waktu dorang pegi hajj dulu mau meroyan sekejap aku kat sana. Sobs. So kena atur strategi baikkk punya so that I won't be the only one yang takde. HAVE TO!

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


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