November 01, 2012


I did lots lots of things I never did before today. Lots of them. Its good to know that I now have the courage to step out from my comfort zone. Cuma .. hurr.

I guess I need to write less so I can express more. Get what I mean? Its easy to express what I feel to people I know but when it comes to explaining knowledge mannnn. I suck at that and trust me, I'm the last person you would want to come to when it comes to explaining things. Sometimes I wish people can read my mind so I don't have to think hard to make them understand me.

Today is a good lesson for me to improve in the future. Thanks prof for making me put my head hell high and step out. I feel like I just hatched from my own world and I thank you for that.

Oh. I'm in love with this song, cos I am powerless. Hu.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


♥..Drop it..♥