November 17, 2012

Some people

Bila susah, orang mengata asyik menyusahkan orang. Bila senang, orang mengata tak tolong orang.

Bila diam, orang cakap sombong. Bila banyak cakap, orang cakap kecoh.

Bila bagi pendapat, orang cakap tunjuk pandai. Bila dengar tanpa berkata kata, orang kata tak ambil peduli.

Semua pon tak kena. Itu tak kena ini tak kena. Susah nak puaskan hati orang. Em, bukan susah tapi memang takkan pernah dapat puaskan hati semua orang.

So what i'm gonna do is, say whatever you want to say. Do whatever you want to do. As long as I know its not wrong then, I'll keep doing things my way.

But.. If i'm really screwed like you claimed I am, you really should, you know.. Come clean. Tell me straight to my face. Well thats what cool people do. Hurr.

Oh.. So you are not cool.. now I get it. Ohh...

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