February 25, 2013

I'll stay if you want me to stay :)

Tired of trying hard to sleep. I hetchu insomnia. And suddenly I miss blogging. Since I have a personal diary now I kinda take this blog for granted. I'm sorry OMB but you're not my number one now. Huhu. But I still love you don't you worry, muah.

You know when you do something good, you will feel the satisfaction, the feeling of healty way proud of myself and stuffs. But good thing always come with price. And the price that I need to pay is patienceeeee. I'm running out of patience already. How? Tell me howwwwwww to restock it.

Oh well, I'm having my last posting now. Psychiatry. Sounds insane rite, but nottttt that insane. Rumors said I have to 'get married' before I enter this posting. Uuuh. That sounds quite rite hahaha.

"I'm sorry patients, but I'm not single and yeah I'm proudly married. :D"
I wish.

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