November 29, 2013

Well thats wrong.

Encik Tuan dah tido I am bored and bloated and I can't sleep. I miss typing nonsense here, lol.

Ah. So today during teaching session I kinda capture a mistreated patient. Yeah. That spells right. Mistreated patient. 

Investigation result for wound swab documented shows that she has gram negative organism growth but she was and is still given antibiotic which covers more on gram positive. So, what should I do?!

No its not that easy. That hospital is a big hospital and we are like parasites, hanging around so they will let us use their patients for learning. If we mess with them, there is high chance we might not get the privilege anymore. 

And who to blame? Agaiiin. Doctors. Ohh I hate to say this but yeah, that is actually the duty of a house officer. READ the investigation result and REVISE the treatment. 

When I encountered this kinda situation, I am scared. I don't know whether I am competent enough to treat my future patients. And what if me myself mistreat a patient? Habislah. 

Adohai. Makin lama makin takot la wok. Rase tak kesanggupan nak berdepan dengan tanggungjawab besar ini. 

In your face, you asked for it fatin! 

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