March 02, 2014

Life, as it is.

Practise makes perfect they say. So I am practising.

Life as a HO, surely challenging enough for a woman especially the ones who is a wife and a mom.

Trying hard to build an armour for all that.

Am trying and still adapting.

Hey I am not married but this is what I call a preparation. Ehehe.

That my friend, are the chopped and diced ingredients for the menu next week. Tinggal keluarkan dan masak. Easy peasssy. 

The must have weapon is aluminium foil. And energy to do all the work in a day. So that it'll be easier for you the whole week.

And the outcome. Enough for 2 pax/2 days. Ngehehe. Terselit aura malls disitu.

Cooking wise, settled.

Finally found a way to cook less than an hour.

This I tell you, is a thing a busy mom has to practise.

Easy and organised.


Ok tu je, assalamualaikum


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    1. I know right! its very easy. everyone should try that :D including u dik!


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