May 24, 2014


How can a mother abandoned a very cute and innocent little baby like that? Didn't she feels attached to her? She's such an angel how could anyone possibly do that? Leaving her at the staircase and then what? Hoping or praying that someone will take her? What if no one did? So she'll die? I really don't understand how homosapiens use their brains lately. No wonder panda is more precious than human these days, especially here in Malaysia. 

This is what I hate most working around babies. I got too attached to them. Really pissing me off. Erghh. 

After I found out that she was an abandoned little girl, the first thought that came into my mind was, did someone do the proper ways of welcoming a baby to this world to her? Did someone azan or iqamah to her? I was sad. And without knowing I kinda did it myself. I did whispered azan, iqamah, syahadah and recited alfatihah for her to hear. She was sleeping soundly and I heard her breathing. It was so soothing.   

I only changed her diaper twice but I am head over heels to her already. How come someone who gave birth to this little creature did something stupid like that?! I was mad. And when I was doing neonatal examination and had to initiate sucking relfex by putting my little finger in her mouth, I felt like all my veins were replenished by multiple types of good hormones while she was sucking it. It felt great but in the same time, I was .. sad. What world will give you my child? I was afraid of her future. 

I called her 'Aishah. And there was one time I brought F along and we went to NICU to check on her. She smiled at me when I said assalamualaikum and called her 'Aishah. As if she recognized me and approved that name. Oh 'Aishah, I wish I could make you mine. If only I am already married, I won't hesitate to do that. Protects you from this cruel world and be a home that you can always come back to. 

May Allah showers His blessings on you, my child. 

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