May 18, 2014


Was browsing to his phone and saw that countdown. I had my own too but never thought a guy would do something like that hehe. 

Life is quite hectic lately. Explain why my last post was on March, thats a long time my friend. I've been very busy with my study, MPR thingy and preparations for the day. Multitasking mode on and I am not very good at it. Sure will improve it soon!

Will be graduating from medical school in less than 2 months. I am scared of course I do! Nervous, anxious, name it. I have mixed of everything! But life goes on, I know I can handle this, I have to find ways to handle all these (Positive mindset at work).

Please make dua for both of us so that we will pass our part 2 professional exam and proceed with many happy things in life. I have faith in You dear Allah, I know You will help me, provided I must try harder and be stronger. InshaaAllah. Do pray for me too peeps!

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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