July 17, 2014


My latest addiction is cooking. Miehehehe. 

I like to spend my time in the kitchen lately, and I love experimenting things. Experimenting which spices turn out well for which recipe, experimenting the best temperature of the oven for better result and experimenting the alternative ingredients to have better or at least same outcome. 

And cooking is like a therapy. The best meditation for me. When I turn on my cooking mode, don't dare ask me any other things or I will probably ignore you or give you silly answers related to what menu I was into that time. Happened to my mother couple of times and she laughed hard. :D

I love "fighting" with my mom in the kitchen. And she loves to make it as competition. Which dishes cook by whom will be the first to finish and which menu my dad first eat. It was fun. And of course, most of time mom wins. :D She's the queen she deserves it. :D

Oh well, since I love cooking so much, I sorta turn it to a project. Check out my latest blog if you wonder what afi is cooking :D 

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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