July 18, 2014

Al Fatihah MH17

Few months ago we were praying for MH370 and personally I am still praying that we will get some solid, valid and logical news about MH370. And now, my tear and condolences goes to the family of MH17 passengers and cabin crews. Allahurabbi. What is it with Malaysia nowadays? I am honestly freaking out. Sigh. 

MH370 tragedy really hit me. Though I have no one to shed my tears for, I have no relatives (nauzubillah) no friends or no acquaintance at all on that plane, but my heart breaks every time I read the news about it. Allahu Allah. And when I went to KLIA few times during that disaster, I broke down when I saw few family members who were still there waiting for any news and hoping for their love one to come back. It was heartbreaking. 

Recent catastrophe of  MH17 is really shocking. There were video footage of the scene and I could see dead bodies everywhere. They say no one survive the disaster but lets hope, lets just hope and pray that that is not true. Lets pray that a mother could still see and celebrate Eid with her child, a child still gets to meet his mother or father and a wife still can hug her husband. :(. Allah. 

Read full news here. There were few sources claiming that MH17 was shot down by ground-air missile. 

full article here

I can't really brain that. With the technology nowadays, can't they differentiate between commercial flight and military aircrafts? hm. There are still lots of explanations needed and I hope we will get that soon. Pray for the best, for us and for them.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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