July 03, 2014

New Project(S)

I'm working on new project nowadays. Projects actually. Many things are half way done. But the dulangs really drive me crazy. Muehehe. 

I wanted everything to be perfect, who wouldn't right? I wanted a circle to be a perfect circle, the way I learnt at tadika, that kind of circle. But ya know, working with all the polystyrene and stuffs, its hard to achieve that kinda perfection. And it really drives me nuts. Lol.

I easily got irritated, considering its Ramadhan and I'm always hungry, :D thus the emotion and mood swings. 

And today, we managed to buy everything I need for the dulang and I started my self learning on how to make macarons. The perfect macarons. First attempt I did many years ago could be considered as success but what I did today was crap, haha.

I managed to get the colour I wanted, but the macarons have no feet and it was all lumpy. After some reading and troubleshooting then I sorted out that I actually undermixed the batter. Nevermind, I take that as dugaan bulan Ramadhan, :D. 

Syafiqah and Haziq was overwhelmed to see I made them again, well they actually requested for it many times before but I was too lazy to fulfil their request and by 10 pm, my two poppets managed to  finish everything. Siap tanye should I wash the container I use to store the macs or not. Lol :D

So the crap for me turns well for them. Now I feel its fine to make thousand of macs cos I know they will help doing the eating part, though the presentation was wayyy too extreme, lol :D

And, macarons are officially my obsession for now!

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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