August 21, 2015

..Long hiatus


It took me a year to write this entry. I have been very very busy with life since my last post. Obviously I was still not married at that time and since the day I got married onwards, there were handful of things that I need to adapt thus the long silence. :D

Being the wife thingies
The convocation
The Housemanship
..And enjoying life with these little kicks within me :D
A lot of memories yet to be written here, inshaaAllah will do it while waiting for sugar.

I am on maternal leave since few days back hence the leisure time at home. Being a full-time housewife when you are 38 weeks pregnant can be very tiring, and nothing much can be done in one day. Penat, mengah, sakit badan semua adalah. 

And right now I can feel sugar (my foetus) is struggling to find his way out hence these kind of movements and contractions I am feeling. Way to go sugar, find your way and we'll meet later. Mummy and daddy are waiting for you since forever.  

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