September 13, 2015


Still adapting to this mommyhood, still adapting that I have the power to make this little human stop crying 😂 and still adapting to be a good post partum mom in confinement. Damn hard. Susah betul nak tahan nafsu makan. I hope to shed some kgs post delivery and so far I have lost about 10 kg but still not even close to my initial weight 😭

F is in tagging mode so he is working 16hours per day since past 2 weeks. His tagging period will end in another 4 days so I have to bear a little longer so that he can also take care of Lil Z at night time. 

I wish to write on Lil Z delivery journey tapi nanti lah dulu. Not in the mood to write long post. Meheheh. 

Baby's crying. Roger and out. 

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