September 06, 2015

To all single ladies 🎉

Oh dear lord I miss vacation. 

This was when we were almost a week married. Looking back to where we were before, I never thought this guy would be my husband. I knew him as a classmate, and during our first year of med school he was none like this haha. Kepala botak with his loose grey sweater and huge backpack riding motorbike.

And then we were group mates for our very first pro exam and I remember him taught me anatomy. He would randomly text me and ask for things we revised previously and sometimes I would text him to ask for things I failed to remember. Believe me, he was like my walking netter 😅 and still are ❤️

I also remember there were times he laughed at me for incidentally doing silly thing like terlanggar cermin kaca sampai benjol dahi. I dont know what got into me that day, but the door seems really, I mean REALLY transparent to me and I just ran into it. Nasib baik tak retak pintu itu sobs. And he was one of the witnesses. Since then onwards, he would walk before me and make sure the door is opened if I were about to pass a glass door lol. 

We have gone through quite a lot to be where we are now. My point here is that, to those who are still single, trust me there are million great reasons why Allah plan your life that way. You need to have faith in Him and He will guide you to your future spouse with the best way possible, inshaaAllah. Keep calm and pray. If someone ask you 'that' question (if you know what i mean), just say 'He has better plans for me, I trust him and I am happy with what I have now' 😉 inshaaAllah she wont bug you anymore. If she still does, just slap her in the face haha.

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