May 19, 2017

Husband appreciation post

Bila aku korek korek balik, rupanya dah 8 tahun usia blog aku ni, kalau budak ni maksudnya dah masuk darjah dua, kahkah. Tua sudah aku ni. Anak pun dah nak masuk dua.

Looking back at all those times, I never thought my life will turn out like this. Sungguhlah, Allah sebaik perancang. Banyak yang patut aku syukurkan.

Counting my blessings

- Graduated medical school on June/2014
- Married to my other half on August/2014
- Gave birth to perfect putera kayangan August/2015
- Expecting another putera kayangan 2017
- Soon to finish my Ho-ship

Of all that, the least expected was getting married to F. I never thought of him as someone I would call a husband, he was actually never fit in my husband material list haha. But that was loooong time ago, now I am the luckiest woman to have him.

Budak-botak-pakai-sweater-besar-bawak-motor-tak-pakai-topi-keledar. So this was how I remember him before we were so involved and then got married. :D He was so naive, looked like a boy who just finished his SPM papers, memang langsung tak nampak ciri ciri suami disitu. But who knows, this budak-botak-pakai-sweater-besar-bawak-motor-tak-pakai-topi-keledar won my heart.

Aku selalu berangan nak kawin usia muda, selalu fikir by the age of 20 dah ada suami. kahkah. Angan angan mat jenin sungguh. Nak kawen time umur 24 pon abah jeling :D Tapi nasib baik kawen jugak, kalau tak, my life would be very different now and I cant imagine that to happen.

F and I were very different back then, we werent in the same circle, the only common friend we had was Raihan. We both agreed to commit to a study group conducted by her so I guess that was the beginning of our friendship. He was so good in anatomy, my least favourite subject, and I used to call him my walking netter.

He knew I was'nt made to remember all those tiny details in human body but he was there to help me. I still remember he texted me early in the morning asking muscle insertion bla bla and the nerves supplying this and that. At first I thought it was weird, because I had never encounter such thing with a male friend, haha but then it became habit.

Of everything, I feel so blessed that I chose him. He was far from perfect, just like I do but his imperfections make my life perfect. He taught me a lot of things, opened my eyes to things I never knew existed and show me the other side of the world.

Wow. Panjang pulak kite merepek pasal hubsy kite haha, k lah anak dah bangun, bai.

Ok tu je, assalamualaikum

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