August 10, 2017

I want a vacation.

I deserve a holiday.
Yes you hear me right, a holiday.
Like a vacation to some quiet and nice place. Just me and my little family.
It would be a bless to not have to deal with any tantrums. Just my boys being on their best behaviour. And a nice massage to relieve the soreness I've been having. Ahh.. Hot bath, I need those so badly. Candle light dinner with great food and it definitely will taste better if I manage to enjoy the savoury taste peacefully.

Watching the boys running by the sea, making sea castle before I destroyed them with 3 buckets of sand and 1 bucket of water. Enjoying the warm breeze while drinking cold beverage. Swaying on a swing would be great too.

Have a long decent chat with my husband, making future plans, snuggle and cuddle. Add in some romance.

Mann. Imagining this make me so happy already I can't wait to have one. Need to save money on a nice trip definitely because right now, I feel like a walking zombie.

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